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It’s official! SPLINK is part of the QUT-Led Sports Data Science & AI Consortium.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The consortium includes 4 Universities, 5 Institutes, 3 Sports and more than 10 businesses.

Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to generate insights into how individuals’ menstrual cycles, phases, life stages, and other factors, influence their performance, injury, and other health and wellbeing outcomes. This will translate to performance optimisation assistance and personalised advice for all Splink customers.

‘Being supported by multiple universities through the consortium for our future data science and AI models will radically accelerate our early development trajectory.’ Dr Sue Robson revealed. ‘Additionally, working alongside and collaborating with the various sporting organisations and businesses will enhance our expertise manyfold’.

As part of the collaboration, SPLINK will also benefit from access to QUT’s Centre for Data Science, Library, Sport, Women’s Leadership in Sport initiatives, Elite Athlete and sports programs and Entrepreneurship hub.

‘We are very grateful for the support of QUT and their Data Science team. They are an extraordinary team who have really gone the extra mile to help us succeed. This is a huge bonus to us as a business at this early stage in our development.’ Dr Sue Robson expressed.

Splink’s customers will experience the benefits of Splink’s involvement in the consortium directly, as a huge boost for product development with enhanced insights and learnings in the Splink Female Performance Cycle (FPC) platform.

Additionally, QUT and UNSW will collaborate directly to create articles for the knowledge library, service individualised responses to customer queries with personalised recommendations and referrals. All of this will expedite the planned progression of the Splink Knowledge Library.

We are over the moon to be a part of this progressive consortium and will keep you posted as the consortium seeks a major CSIRO Next Generation Graduates Program (NGGP) grant.

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