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FPC APP - Just released

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Turn your hormonal cycle into a power house of recovery, and adaptation to help you perform better longer


Your hormones are your powerhouse, central to how your body adjusts over time.

By tracking the patterns of how you are feeling, measuring and rating your body's responses.

  • We can map these for you against the menstrual phase and reveal the hormonal backdrop to changes in your body, mind, and performance.

  • Provide insights and guidance on how to get the most out of your pattern of change.

  • Build a deep and useful time log of your body's history to assist in past, present, and future understanding and decision-making on this female journey of ours

We are what we consume, do and think!

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Your cycle is a natural and powerful part of you.

Estrogen and Progesterone are master regulators of your body's bioenergetic systems in the brain and body.

Understand it better and you can reap:

  • Improved hydration

  • Improved nutrition utilization

  • Improved muscle and tendon response

  • Improved injury and illness risk profiles

  • Improved performance potential

Got Questions?

Want to know more and understand why?


Linked with the SPLINK Knowledge library

Read articles stitching together the understanding behind your hormones and your cycle.

Link how your body is responding with information and guidance from experienced experts.

Seek out the information you need to inform your decisions better every day.

More than a village - It takes a community

  • You and your diary

  • Key Information and daily details

  • Milestones and transition points

  • Turning data and information into...

  • Knowledge and options

  • Insights and nuggets from experts

  • Collated experiences and connections

  • More informed decisions

  • A more empowered you

Female Performance Cycle APP
Seeing things more clearly


Phase tracker:
Stay current with your phase, cycle, day and next period.


My Diary Data:
A full history of your diary
View by cycle or date.


How am I tracking:
Your response rainbow.
What's going well vs what needs work.


Align your cycles:
Auto-visualizations of multiple cycles.
Reveal repeating patterns

SPLINK: Data Use and Purpose Promise

Your data use and privacy is important to us at SPLINK.

Data use and purpose. To drive personal understanding and insights into how your hormones impact your wellness, health, and performance. All data is used to enhance this understanding over time by providing visualizations, statistics, and reports. We only utilize your data for this purpose to enhance your experience and outcomes. Otherwise, no external data share, advertising, or data mining is supported.

Check out our privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimer for details.

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