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A book for girls! Try the first in our SPLINK Women’s Health and Performance series.

As part of our women’s health and performance series, we hope you and the young women in your lives will enjoy this first SPLINK book. Please BUY, TRY and REVIEW. Not only will it bring a new positive perspective, but it will also help build the SPLINK knowledge library for broader change.

It’s a short and easy to read, factual representation of all the changes which occur through puberty. Dr Sue Robson explains, '

I wanted girls and teenagers to have all the facts at their finger-tips. Empower them to ask questions and find out all about themselves and their family history. Encourage them to have conversations and the tools to track, and understand their personal journey through this first life cycle transition'.

Part of the SPLINK vision:

To Improve the health and performance of millions of women​. Advance outcomes across the female life cycle: Child – Adolescent - Adult – Childbirth -Menopause – Aging

Helping women CONQUER LIFE one decision at a time

Moving from Child to Adolescent brings with it lots of change a significant part of which is the start of a girl’s menstrual cycle.

'I would really love girls to see their menstrual cycle as a whole cycle and not just about bleeding. As the hormones ebb and flow through each phase there are lots of opportunities to grasp. Giving us this bloody awesome barometer of health and day-to-day change that creates a back-drop to our bodies ability to respond, recover and rebuild'. Encourages Dr Sue Robson.
'Understanding how these changes affect us and learning how to monitor and learn our personal pattern is the first step in taking back ownership and the ability to see and take advantage of the opportunities.

In describing the menstrual cycle in the book ' Bloody Awesome!' I deliberately took a hormonal view, as the hormones as you learn in Chapter 2, are the driving force that cause all the changes we see in our menstrual cycles and in the physical and mental responses we experience.

As this hormonal cycle becomes a pattern of normal over the coming 20-30 years of our lives. Learning and understanding those patterns and any influence it has on us is of significant value.

In the e-book the reader learns:

  • Chapter 1 What is normal?

  • Chapter 2 Female Puberty

  • Chapter 3 Physiology of the menstrual cycle

  • Chapter 4 How does my menstrual cycle affect me?

  • Chapter 5 What is normal for me?

  • Chapter 6 Keeping track to understand yourself: Simple logs and apps

  • Appendix 1 Symptoms not to ignore

  • Appendix 2 More information on common pathologies

Understanding what is normal and just how varied that can be as we don’t all sit in the middle of the distribution curve.

Develops the knowledge to ask questions and decide if all is going well and ‘normal for me’, or if and when checking in with a specialist or the family doctor would be a good idea.

Explores not just a personal journey but an understanding of how that fits amongst other girls, teenagers and women around them.

Enjoy and we look forward to sharing our next SPLINK e-book with you in the coming months.

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