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Women’s health and performance initiative to give all women access to trusted source of knowledge

A new women’s health initiative, Splink, looks to bring the knowledge and tools used by top sporting organizations to help ALL women perform at their best.

Splink is headed up by Dr. Sue Robson, the founding CEO. Dr. Robson, after realizing the astounding gap in both research and deep applied knowledge on how menstrual cycle hormones impact performance, completed her Ph.D. on exactly that.

"I have enjoyed a successful career in elite sports physiology spanning 30 years and 3 continents, now it's time to collaborate with many of my brilliant colleagues and bring that knowledge and experience to more women." said Dr.Robson. Throughout her career Dr. Robson has worked with the Australian Institute of Sport, the US Ski Team, Sport Scotland Institute of Sport and headed up product and operations at the leading human performance technology organization Fusion Sport.

“Top sports organizations around the globe already have the tools and expert support for elite athletes to perform at their best so why shouldn’t we make that available to all women? We’re ALL performing women - mothers, students, teachers, plumbers, neurosurgeons and Olympic athletes.”

“Most women have experienced a problem related to hormones, menstrual cycle or fertility and when they try to find current information it’s disjointed, chaotic and mixed with poor, unfounded and even misinformation. Many women feel confused, every time they walk out of a doctor’s office with a prescription unsure of the solution or the risk.​” stated Dr. Robson. Founding CEO of the Splink initiative.

After many years of working with female athletes, Dr Robson knows that making decisions in relation to the female experience of health and performance can be complicated. “I believe ALL women need and deserve better knowledge at our fingertips to make well-informed decisions.

“Every day these top sporting organizations use knowledge to help educate, support and enhance outcomes of their female athletes. The timing is perfect for a trusted source of knowledge, expert access and data in one easy-use place for all women.” said Dr Robson.

Splink aims to create a new type of knowledge and data network focused on women’s health and performance. A simple self-service portal of current information underpinned by experts that can help provide the best information to women at every point of the female life cycle: Child to adolescence through to adult, childbirth, perimenopause, menopause and aging.

The Splink team’s vision will see members have access to:

A comprehensive knowledge library

The knowledge library will be underpinned by experts and cover 3 levels of information:

  • Basics - The background and importance in summary form, written in easy-to-understand language for all.

  • Why - Digging down to more of the why but not getting lost in deep science and references

  • Expert - Fully referenced reviews, with up-to-date insights and research-based implications

An expert community

An interactive hub where members can get easy access to experts, ask questions and book sessions.

A female performance cycle app

The app will be an interconnected, flexible interface supporting multiple wearables, personal data choices, performance tracking, visualizations, reporting and sharing. Your cycle, your way.

One place SPLINKing together knowledge, data and expert access to foster understanding.

Dr Robson and the Splink initiative have kicked off the first round of crowdfunding for the project. They are seeking your support to interview 25 of the world's top sports organizations and inform their first MVP products. Based on this market research they will build both an interactive knowledge library focused on women’s health and performance and a women’s performance app creating the foundations of the SPLINK network.

Once the MVPs are in place future projects will be funded from product subscriptions. These subscriptions will fund a flywheel of change including research, experts, research reviews and information to service the women and content of the future. A self-funding environment of continual progress.

‘Please help us make a step change in how women source trusted information, utilize their data and connect with experts in one easy place. Knowledge is power, let’s use it to make a change for us, our daughters, and the next generation to turn our self-knowledge into a powerhouse.

You can contribute to sustainable change through our crowdfunding project. Read our pitch & donate now at LiftWomen.

Help SPLINK, help ALL Women, conquer life one decision at a time.

Media Contact:

Dr Sue Robson

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