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SPLINK: Home of the Female Performance Cycle (FPC)

Remember the power of this app like your hormones is about the long slow burn. It's about collecting information for a few weeks and months and then looking for the patterns that show through from cycle to cycle. So stick at it and we hope you enjoy the process as you reveal the rhythm that your hormones flow through you from phase to phase and month to month.

Getting Started

There are 3 steps to getting you started smoothly…

Your hormones are your powerhouse, helping you build, respond, recover and adapt.

Estrogen and progesterone are powerful perhaps even EPIC. They are important for health throughout your female body creating a natural rhythm of change across your physiology and mind. This rhythm not only controls ovulation and fertility but also maintains the health of many of your body's systems: Bones, muscles, heart, blood vessels, nerves, immune responses and more. These changes are quite individual depending not just on hormone levels but also on receptor levels and their response profiles in your different systems.



Tracks and displays the information you have chosen to record about your body and mind. By tracking what’s important to you, the APP will reveal how your hormones are affecting your body, mind, and performance.

The app is designed for all cycle types, natural or modified with the various hormonal medications available for contraception, hormone replacement therapy or other uses. Making it useful not just for tracking cycle to cycle but also for you to visualise change if you choose to try a different medication or to go natural after time using hormonal medications.

Graphs and visualizations reveal your individual sequence of changes, allowing you to discover and learn from your repeating cycles. Over time it reveals your history and patterns and allows you to select which cycles to compare.


  • Learning your body's sequence will help you be more aware, plan and manage better, meaning you can achieve the best version of yourself on any day of any cycle.

  • See opportunities coming and understand how you can achieve your best in an insightful and personalized way.

We look forward to helping you through this journey of self-listening as you tune in to yourself!

By joining us at this early stage you are a valued maverick in female performance cycle optimization!

We hope you enjoy this new experience and we value your feedback.

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