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Welcome to splink...

  • Ever had a problem related to your hormones, menstrual cycle or fertility?

  • Care about your health & performance?

This is the place for you!

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Our Vision

  • Improve the health and performance of millions of women

  • Advance outcomes across the female life cycle:

Child – Adolescent - Adult – Childbirth – Menopause – Aging

CONQUER LIFE one decision at a time


​Ever had a problem related to your hormones, menstrual cycle or fertility?

The Problem:


Current sources of knowledge and data are disjointed, chaotic and mixed with poor, unfounded and even misinformation.

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Every time . . .

  • We walk out of a doctor’s confused or with a prescription unsure about the solution or the risk

  • We get guidance from a coach/personal instructor that doesn’t understand our body

  • We find different information that doesn't match

  • We can't make sense of our personal data with the advice we have received


A decision is made which was not well informed and may negatively impact the performance, health or life of you, your mother, daughter, sister, cousin…

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The Opportunity . . .   Is Simple

Top sports organizations around the globe already have tools, which bind multiple data sets together with expert support networks to help women perform at their best
Every day, they use knowledge to help educate, support and enhance outcomes one decision at a time
Timing is perfect for a trusted source of knowledge, expert access and data in one easy-use place.

We already know how to do this well
Designed by the best, for the best

NOW ready to be shared with you . . .


Mothers, school students, teachers, plumbers, neurosurgeons, Olympic athletes . . .

We like to get up each day and feel well.

We like to do our best and by the end of the day . . .

We like to feel good inside because we know we have!

As we travel through life:

Child, to adolescent, to adult, maybe having children, then on to middle and old age we like to do that well too!

Magnifying the benefits from the best to ALL


​WANT TO . . .

Access the best women’s health knowledge library


Be splinked to the best experts and health mgt tools


Have a trusted space focused exclusively on women


Achieve optimal health and performance

CONQUER LIFE one decision at a time


WE CAN ...

  • Revolutionize how women solve health & performance decisions

  • Put women at the center of their own health

Provide knowledge & tools by THE BEST to ALL women

About the founding CEO

SueRobson Profile Image.jpeg

3 core driving forces:

  1. Educating and supporting women seeking to perform at their very best

  2. Developing data management systems to do a better job of bringing information together to enhance collaboration and holistic decision making

  3. Being my best as a leader, a physiologist, an athlete, a mother, a woman, working in male-dominated high-performance environments and empower other women.

My History.jpg
  • As early as high school I developed a deep love of how the body works. I continue to learn and be in awe to this day

  • At Liverpool University School of Medicine, I studied the body achieving a B.Sc. in Physiology, then an M.Sc. In Neurophysiology, whilst developing my second love, 800m track running and transitioned into Exercise Physiology

  • Moving to Australia in 1990 at 24, I realized the astounding gap in both research and deep applied knowledge on how menstrual cycle hormones impact performance. In 2005 completing a Ph.D. on exactly that…

  • I have since had the pleasure of a career in elite exercise physiology spanning 30 years and 3 continents.10 yrs in Australia at Southern Cross University specializing in Women In Sport with the North Coast Academy of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport. 8 years in the USA with the US Ski Team, 6 years in Scotland with the Scottish Institute of Sport and 6 years back in Australia as global product manager & COO at Fusion Sport.


Follow your passion . . .

  • You have the questions

  • You know your body and mind

  • You make your own decisions

  • You get connected at SPLINK

  • You achieve greatness

You are at our centre
The power of  'WE' to empower 'U'
Helping you  - help us - help you.

Get in Touch . . .

We are currently seeking crowdfunding and support to establish the revolutionary new connectivity which will be SPLINK.

Donate now for early access.

We aim to go live with a prototype app and women's health and performance knowledge library.


We'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

Dr Sue Robson

Founding CEO

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