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Step 3: Data Entry

The FPC has two main data entry forms

  1. Good morning: A quick 2 minute entry first thing in the morning to get some simple baselines to start your day (sleep, hydration…)

  2. Daily reflection: Simple to enter and review tracking of the things you’re interested in.

Remember the power of this app like your hormones is about the long slow burn. It's about collecting information for a few weeks and months and then looking for the patterns that show through. So stick at it and we hope you enjoy the process.

Good Morning

A quick 2-minute morning check-in for baseline markers

We recommend you do this first thing in the morning but it’s OK to create your first one now and try it out.

Click Good Morning

Download and login to the smartabase athlete APP


Everything is editable so you can change it later. 

Short and sweet with as much automation as possible, so you can click and move on. Returning to the APP for your 'Daily Reflection' to round out your day.

When you click save you’ll get a quick overview in your good morning dashboard

Save & home to view Good Morning Dashboard


Daily Reflection

Simply enter your tracking for what’s happened today.

We recommend you do this toward the end of the day as a reflective process.

It’s OK to create your first one now and try it out

Enter your daily reflections


Menstrual symptoms and notes > SAVE & HOME > Daily Overview


Daily Overview

View your cycle phases and patterns...

Once you have a few cycles of tracking you can choose the cycles you want to align and start looking for patterns.

Rotate your phone to view larger data tables if you want to dig deep and long moving to your computer will help you on your discovery journey

Phase View

Phase Tracker.png

Patterns are revealed with a few cycles to compare

Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 5.24.15 PM.jpeg
Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 5.25.50 PM.jpeg

A minimum of 3 months

Just allow your cycles to happen and just do you...

It takes 2-3 months of cycle phase tracking to reveal your rhythms and start learning.

  • Learning your body's sequence will help you be more aware, plan and manage better, meaning you can achieve the best version of yourself on any day of any cycle.

  • See opportunities coming and understand how you can achieve your best in an insightful and personalized way.

We look forward to helping you through this journey of self-listening as you tune in to yourself!

By joining us at this early stage you are a valued maverick in female performance cycle optimization!

We hope you enjoy this new experience and we value your feedback.

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