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Step 2: The mobile APP

After you've completed Step 1 on your computer:

Download and login to the smartabase athlete APP



  1. For Apple, Scan the QR code above, then download the Smartabase Athlete app.
    Alternatively, open the Apple Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play Store (for Android users) on your phone or tablet and search for "Smartabase Athlete". Its icon looks like the one shown here:

    If you are an Android user and are unable to access the Google Play Store, you can download the Android APK file for the Smartabase Athlete app here.

  2. Follow the prompts to install the Athlete app.

  3. Open the Athlete app to view the login screen.

  4. Enter Splink’s FPC URL Don't add any extra spaces or dots

  5. Enter your username. If you don’t know your username contact:

  6. If you would like the app to remember your details, tick Remember site and username.

  7. Read (scroll down) and tick to agree to the Smartabase Terms and Conditions, click Continue.

  8. Enter your password, then select Log in.

  9. If you wish to enable Apple Health integration, follow the prompts to set up data syncing. See our Apple Health article for more information.

Login and accept Smartabase terms and conditions


Password reset

Can't remember your password, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Athlete app to view the login screen.

  2. Enter (Don't add any extra spaces or dots)

  3. Enter your username.

  4. Read (scroll down) and tick the box to agree to the Smartabase Terms and Conditions of Use, click Continue.

  5. Select Forgot password button.

  6. Enter enter your email address, tap Next

  7. Confirm your email address in the pop-up window by tapping Confirm

  8. Smartabase will send you an email with a link to reset your password. The link will open in your browser. Follow prompts to reset your password.

  9. In the Athlete app, tap the Back text at the top of the screen to return to the login page.

  10. Use your new password to log into the Athlete app.

Set a PIN or biometric login

Make logging into the Athlete app even quicker.

  1. From the Athlete app home screen, open the Settings.

  2. Tap the Security option, under Quick login, set the toggle to enable PIN login.

  3. Follow the prompts and enter your password to set your PIN.

  4. To enable biometric login, return to the Security screen and set the toggle to Use biometric login.

Account Details

Bottom right Click Settings > Account


Phone number:

To receive notifications and reminders

Date of Birth: 

To accurately reflect your profile and tracking management​​

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