Your Cycle: Your Data: Your Power

Knowledge is power

Your Cycle & You

Did you know?

Many tissues in a female body are not only responsive to Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone BUT they actually have specific receptors for these hormones.

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Your cycle is not a problem it's a natural and powerful part of you.

Understand it better and you can reap:

  • Improved hydration

  • Improved nutrition utilisation

  • Improved muscle and tendon response

  • Improved injury and illness risk profiles

  • Improved performance potential

Got Questions?

  • If only I knew back then?​

  • Does my cycle affect how I perform?

  • Does my training affect my cycle?

  • Could how I feel be linked to my hormones?

  • Can I change my cycle using contraceptives?

  • If I do are there any pro's and con's?

  • How will the menopause affect me?

  • Does my IUD only affect my uterus?

  • What else am I missing?


More than a village - It takes a community

  • You and your diary

  • Key Information and daily details

  • Milestones and transition points

  • Turning data and information into...

  • Knowledge and options

  • Insights and nuggets from experts

  • Collated experiences and connections

  • More informed decisions

  • A more empowered you

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